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Cloud computing is Internet-based computing on an as-needed basis and on-demand. It’s a way of accessing your software, your data, your music, movies, and even your relationships, through the web — and not just accessing, but interacting, creating, managing. Instead of being in your home or office, the computers that hold your files, music, movies, operating system, and programs can be stored and maintained in huge data centers around the world.

While the only elements of cloud computing that are currently in the clouds are the communications satellites that help run the Internet and broadcast content, this shift in technology will actually make it possible for people to use computers and mobile devices anywhere, including in an airplane, and even up in a hot air balloon, literally in the clouds. Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon…

People are using cloud computing right now, every time they access their Gmail accounts, or watch a movie on demand or back up their data online, or manage finances through their mobile phones. And later in the year, photos, music, and other content will be available through Apple’s iCloud.

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The State of Cloud Computing from JESS3 on Vimeo.

To discover why businesses may want to shift to cloud computing, and why they might not, read: Businesses and Cloud Computing.

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